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Click on each macaron below to reveal its flavor description!


A rich and silky delight sure to please all chocolate lovers.

Raspberry Lemonade

Bright raspberry shells are paired with a tangy lemon curd to create a refreshing and sweet combination.


A tropical home run. Coconut shells are topped with coconut flakes, with a ring of coconut buttercream and a surprise middle filling of mango and pineapple curds.


A touch of salt brings forward the sweet vanilla notes in the irresistible caramel buttercream featured in this crowd pleaser macaron.

Cookies and Dreams

A new take on America’s favorite cookie!

Pistach, yo!

We took this French classic a step further, with a triple punch of pistachio flour, pistachio butter and toasted pistachio crumble.

Fruitti Tutti

Who doesn’t love all those bright colors? This unique cookie features a combination of strawberry, lemon and blueberry flavors, with a banana buttercream filling.

Devil’s Velvet

Enjoy being seduced by this gorgeous red velvet treat, with a filling of vanilla cream cheese buttercream.


No lineup is complete without sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles. White chocolate ganache gives these birthday cake treat its sweet shine.


A truly special blend lavender and rose, this cookie is sure to please the palate as much as it does the nose.

Bunny’s Favorite

We kept the raisins out of this one, but we promise the result won’t disappoint! Enjoy a new take on your favorite carrot cake recipe!


Kids know this one on sight! Whimsy pastel colors with a classic strawberry buttercream. Unicorns are all the craze!


Enjoy this mouthwatering treat, complete with mesmerizing cosmic swirls! Features a decadent blackberry cheesecake filling.

Cookie Garcia

Just like cookie dough out of the tub! Named for one of Macaroner’s biggest supporters.


Palm Beach County, meet Peanut Butter and Chocolate! A new take on everyone’s favorite candy cups, complete with chocolate and peanut butter drizzles.


Click on each macaron below to reveal its flavor description!

Time for Pecan

Just as yummy as grandma’s old recipe. Sweet buttery shells with a rich, pecan pie filling.


A trio of wild berries in the center with a ring of graham cracker buttercream and shortbread cookie pieces gives this cookie a sweet and tangy profile that you won’t want to miss.


Look out PSL, hello Harvest! No fall season is complete with the phenomenon that is the pumpkin pie.


Click on each macaron below to reveal its flavor description!


Simple and elegant, a bright and tangy favorite to please all lovers of the classic strawberry, made with jam and a vegan buttercream.


Adding real Mexican vanilla bean paste to our classic vegan buttercream gives this crowd-pleaser and rich and aromatic flavor, complete with the specs of bean we all love to see!


Pack enough high-grade cocoa powder into any frosting and you will get that rich and silky chocolate flavor that everyone adores.

Wild Blue

Who doesn’t love a good blueberry pie? This vegan flavor offers fresh wild blueberries and pieces of pie crust that are sure to satisfy.


We all know that smell when fresh cinnamon rolls are pulled from the oven, and you can’t wait to have that first bite. Close your eyes and this vegan flavor will hit that sweet spot.


Finely ground espresso powder gives this vegan flavor a robust coffee profile, with hints of vanilla that will remind you of your morning cup of Joe.