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Freshness Policy

At Macaroner, our amazing French macarons are baked daily!

All of our macarons are shipped using a two-day transit, insulated in special foil envelopes filled with protective wrap and ice packs. This is to protect the macarons during transit.

Upon arrival, you may notice that the ice packs are no longer cold. Do not be alarmed as this is normal. The ice packs are only meant to last long enough to see the macarons through their transit period and arrive fresh and safely. When the macarons arrive, we recommend you refrigerate them for an hour before consumption, in the case that they became soft during transit. As always, enjoy them best at room temperature.

Some small cracks or breaks may occur to your macarons as a normal and unavoidable part of the shipping process. If you feel that a more than normal level of breakage has occurred to your macarons, please take a picture of the damage and contact us so we may correct the situation.