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About Us

 French macarons are fickle little cookies. Finding them is rare, and finding good ones is rarer still! Macaroner aims to share its unique and tasty macaron creations across south Florida and beyond! If you’re a local, check out our pickup and delivery options. If you are across the country, we will ship our amazing macarons right to your door! Check out our gourmet and delectable flavors here and our shop of boxes here!


Out of a need to perfect one of baking’s crown jewels, Jonny decided that in 2016, he would begin undertaking the daunting yet whimsical cookie that is the famous French macaron. After three years, many bags of almond flour, powdered sugar, and egg cartons later, Jonny was able to conquer the art of crafting this very fickle cookie.

What began as a fun personal challenge developed into a passionate craze. Soon enough all of Jonny’s friends were able to enjoy his tasty creations at every party and gathering. With their feedback he calibrated his recipes, always looking to combine unique flavors and textures. Not long after the first few combinations were successes, Jonny grew his list into eight, twelve and eventually sixteen exquisite flavors. Soon enough he was featuring his macarons in local farmers’ markets, where his tasty creations garnered instant notoriety.